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What is a 'Mania Exchange Account'?
A Mania Exchange Account is an account that gives you access to any site within the network with a single sign-on. When you register on any of the sites within the network, a link is created between the site and your account. Each site within the network has its own specific function and with your account, you may tailor it to your personal needs; this includes things such as your display name and the creations you exchange with the community.
If I have an account on one site, can I log in using the same credentials on another?
Yes! This is the purpose of a Mania Exchange account. Please view the question above.
I have registered, but I cannot log in.
The most common cause to this problem is the fact that you have not activated your Mania Exchange account. To do so, please check your email (including your junk and/or spam folder(s)) for an activation link. You may also resend the activation email.
What do I do if I have multiple ManiaPlanet accounts?
Mania Exchange does not support multiple ManiaPlanet accounts. You are only allowed to connect one ManiaPlanet account to your Mania Exchange account.
What are donations?
Donations are funds received from members of the community who support Mania Exchange. Donations are optional, but are strongly encouraged. PayPal is the only supported method of payment.